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Gaza Arc Freedom Flotilla

For nearly seven years, Gaza has been under siege. Its 1.8 million inhabitants have been denied their rights to move and trade freely. Farmers are blocked from farming their land. … Continue reading

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The April Portland Alliance

 Vol. XXXIV, Number 4 April 2014          Distressing Portland’s Elite Since 1981 The Fight for $15 Finally Comes to Portland » |About Us | Subscribe | Contact Submission info | Volunteer … Continue reading

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Juggling the Numbers: PDX Police Response to Gangs, the Mentally Ill and everyday people.

“Police attend neighborhood watch events to instill fear of ‘others’ among white property owners. Suspicion inhibits community cohesion in a time of population shift. I’ve witnessed neighbors beginning to pause, … Continue reading

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The Border Control has Challenged State and Federal Law?

Most of the 14 people from the NW who crossed the border with‪#‎BringThemHome‬ have been let out! However, Sugey Carrazco from Klamath Falls, Oregon remains in detention. Sugey is pregnant and … Continue reading

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