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About The Portland Alliance (NAAME, Inc.)

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Speaking Truth to Power Since 1981

Of, by and for everyday people
The NW Alliance for Alternative Media & Education
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Accepting Submissions of Work: stories, poetry, political commentary, cartoons, letters, events!

 The latest Portland Alliance:  Vol. XXXVIII, Number 1 March 21st, 2018
Native American Revolution has begun

April 15

Please send writing, stories, poetry, photography, drawings, paintings, sketches or pictures of your sculpture to:

The Portland Alliance: hosted at
The International Peace Resource Center Library

2228 S. Kent Avenue West, Missoula, MT 59801 

The Alliance will be released and published in Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest with interconnected links for the global community.

for distribution in the Pacific Northwest.
    Speaking Truth to Power Since 1981  

 We sponsor a writing and arts showing and accept entries of poetry, paintings, prose, drawings, satire, sculpture, short stories, photography, essays, graphics, letters, reviews, cartoons, & other creative efforts. We will include the best in our next issue.

Some of the writing and essays can be featured
at and/or

There’s no reading or submission fee. 
free calendar listings gatherings, festivals, conferences, workshops and other

No War Criminals  in the White House!

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 Anti-War Spring Action 2018:  Takin’ it to the Streets!
Shut down unprovoked American aggression
Invest in peace, people and planet Earth,

The Alliance Truthout Portal
Spring 2018

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Faces Native American Resistance

Two Native American tribes in North Carolina are among the groups seeking to join a court challenge to federal regulators’ decision to approve the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a $5 billion project proposed by utility giants Dominion and Duke Energy. The 600-mile pipeline would carry fracked gas from West Virginia through Virginia to eastern North Carolina, which is home to many Native Americans.

The Portland Alliance Native American Portal  

Red Cloud’s Revolution: Oglalla Sioux freeing themselves from fossil fuel

by MongabayFebruary 26, 2018

Henry Red Cloud, like so many Oglalla Sioux young men, left the reservation to work in construction. When he returned home in 2002, he needed a job, and also wanted to make a difference. He attended a solar energy workshop and saw the future.  

NoMadd The City of Empty The City of Empty Towers Cover Art

In his first adventure, No’madd embarks on a perilous quest to confront
the veiled intruders that threaten his land. His journey takes him beyond
the sea of storms to a land masked in legend. There, he must unravel
the fate of a lost race and confront a ruthless enemy who threatens
to devastate the fabric of the galaxy.  

checkout this cool tool developed by John Tinker... logo

 encyclopedia of current events

Mail entries, questions, or requests to:
2228 S. Kent Avenue West, Missoula, MT 59801
Must be received by June 21st, 2018
to be published in the next issue of the Portland Alliance

Artists, Writers, Tutors, Educators, and  Professional Consultants
receive free listings in
June Issue of the Portland Alliance.

Please submit your specialty, e-mail address, and/or phone and address.
or e-mail:
We can publish top creative artists in these areas:
Painting, Short Story, Photography, Poetry, Alternative Art forms,
Essays. Columns, Commentary, Letters and Cover Art…

The Portland Alliance

Radical underground counter-cultural synthesis: Real New about Reality…

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