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Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) Solidarity Panel, Presentation & Mural Painting at PSU on Friday!

solidarityFriday, November 7
Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 236
Jose Luis Solís López,
a teacher in the Zapatista’s “Little School” (La Escuelita) was targeted and murdered, and at least 15 Zapatistas seriously injured during an ambush on Friday, May 2, 2014.

The same attackers damaged or destroyed both the autonomous Mayan school and the local health clinic at the Zapatista caracol of La Realidad. We are hosting a solidarity event and fundraiser to support the Zapatista community and to help rebuild the Zapatista Escuelita.

RAKPlease join us Friday, November 7th at 4 pm for
a panel discussion
, and solidarity mural painting event to support this vital community resource and
to support Indigenous resistance movements and to help raise funds to rebuild the Zapatista Escuelita.

Our guest panelists are Felipe Ferreira, Tabitha Milian, Chris Rodriguez and Rose Harriot,

all have spent time in Chiapas and will be sharing stories…

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