Agitate, Educate, and Organize ~OO~

A Community Magazine: Reading, Writing and Creative Arts

The Wordsmith Collection

The Wordsmith Collection

magazine provides a forum

for writers, artists, photographers,
and other creative sorts in the Pacific Northwest. Please submit your work.

Essays on Topics, Short Stories, Articles, Fiction, Poetry, Jazz, Peace, Justice, Freedom,

Blues and a Community Calendar… ~OO~

Allen Ginsberg was one of many who contributed to a previous issue.

attention Wordsmith at IPRC


International Peace Resource Center Library
2228 West Kent Avenue / Missoula, MT 59801

Includes Archives for:

We hope to receive submissions by September 21st, 2020.

There is no entry fee.  Entries will be reviewed
by a group of artists, writers, and educators.

The Winning entries will be published May 21st, 2021.
Writing, Communications, & Creative Arts

This limited edition publication will be available at seven locations in Missoula, Montana, one location in Flagstaff, Arizona, one location in Portland, Oregon and one location in St. Louis, Missouri.        Together we make a difference!





revolution“All of us are more than fed up with mediocrity, hypocrisy, lesser-evil, trickle-down, less-than-perfect settling for spending trillions and killing millions for munitions firms and billionaires who pay no taxes and steal what we pay.

This is more than “less than perfect.” This shakedown is organized crime, committed in our names and on our dime because we let it happen. And it comes from both sides of the corporate aisle.

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