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Word up…

Willis – Word up

There are real bigots.

Some people are unreasonable. Intolerance exists. Love and hate intermingle. It would be nice if these were just buzzwords or tactics, but in the world where we live, not everyone can be reasonable, tolerant, kind and loving.


Always and never are myths.

Some words may arbitrarily be designated as “hate speech” for purposes of silencing others, but the dark underbelly of human pathos can overwhelm intentions and transpose purposes. Words, meanings, intents, and alternative reasons for using words as symbols will continue to vary and change across wide parameters and curious perambulations.

Kind words work:
The Kronos Quartet: Last Kind Words by Geeshie Wiley, arr. Jacob Garchik


Words can make a difference or may make little difference at all. Word meanings remain arbitrary. There exist more than 250 thousand English words and at at least 5000 human languages.

Semantics, pragmatics, linguistics and nuances of construction and destruction inhabit conversations and may enhance or subvert communication. We’ve barely begun to comprehend how 10 billion nerve cells and billions of fibers connecting them are related to basic concepts we may presume to understand…

The sky might as well be cryin’
Sonny Boy Williamson II – The Sky Is Crying


The relationships between words and meaning is tenuous at best. Writing, poetry and creative arts transcend meaning, eclipse intent and inspire creative synthesis. Embracing mystery gives us pause to wonder.

If words were adequate, we would not be moved to read, write, dance, sing, paint, draw, make beautiful music or explore the stars. Word up.

~Tim Flanagan,

wordless love..
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On



The Wordsmith Collection: Writing & Creative Arts

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