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Gaza Arc Freedom Flotilla

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For nearly seven years, Gaza has been under siege.
Its 1.8 million inhabitants have been denied their rights to move and trade freely.
Farmers are blocked from farming their land. Fishermen have their lives threatened
and their property confiscated. And, crucially, Palestinian producers have been blocked
from exporting their goods. Gaza’s economy has been devastated. Image

In the short run, aid is necessary but, in the long run, aid is not the answer.
Freedom is the answer. That’s why we’ve been working on Gaza’s Ark,
an international initiative to challenge the blockade politically by exporting
Palestinian goods through the port of Gaza.

Gaza’s Ark is a refurbished fishing boat that will soon sail from Gaza carrying
Palestinian export goods. Like other boats that have attempted to break the Image
blockade, Gaza’s Ark will face the danger of interception by Israeli forces.
That’s why we need your help today.

The UN and world governments have it in their power to ensure safe passage of Gaza’s Ark and an end to the siege. Prominent human rights activists from
around the world are initiating the call—will you join them?

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Join our Thunderclap. Thunderclap allows large groups of people to blast
    social media all at once with one resounding message. Our Thunderclap
    will help promote the international call for an end to the blockade and raise
    awareness about Gaza’s Ark. All you have to do to participate is visit the link,
    select which social media you’d like to post to, authorize the Thunderclap
    app to post on your behalf this one time, and that’s it! Thunderclap won’t Image
    retain your information and will only post to your account once for this
  2. Participate in our Twitter Storm Monday, April 28 at 4pm Eastern
    (3pm Central, 1pm Pacific.) 
    The objective of a Twitter Storm is create a sudden
    burst of activity on a particular hashtag to get the topic trending and raise awareness.
    Participants should attempt to tweet once every minute for up to an hour.
    Participate for however long you like—but be sure to be there for the beginning!
    We’ll send the hashtag tomorrow about half an hour before the storm begins.
    Sample tweets will be available at the following link at that time:
  3. Sign the petition. Join world-renowned human rights activists such as Noam
    Chomsky, Mairead Maguire, and Alice Walker in signing Gaza’s Ark’s petition
    calling upon the UN to take action to end the siege of Gaza.

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