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Who is John Ellis Bush? About Jeb Bush…

  • “So would a third President Bush be good for America?
    Well, it depends on whether you’re a fan of George W. Bush’s presidency,
    because Bush is a whole lot like his older brother. He’s a staunch conservative
    on everything except immigration, and he’s a foreign policy hawk who backed
    all of Bush’s military interventions overseas.  We say no thanks. 
    Here are nine reasons not to vote Jeb Bush for president — in case you needed them.”

    1. He’d Be Terrible for Women
    2. He’d Be Another George W. When It Comes to Foreign Policy

    And here is a list of Things About Jeb Bush:

    Terri Schiavo case: ordered feeding tube reinserted. (Feb 2014)

    • Funded adoption counseling, but not abortion counseling. (Dec 2009)
    • Prevent use of public funds for stem cell research. (Dec 2009)
    • Restrict abortions to incest, rape, & health. (Jul 1998)
    • Dismantled Florida’s affirmative action program. (Feb 2007)
    • 1981: Left Houston based on prejudice against Mexican wife. (Sep 2004)
    • No hate-crimes status for gays; no gay marriage. (Jul 1998)
    • Gay rights & feminism are “modern victim movements”. (Nov 1995)
    • Champion enterprise zones and business deregulation. (Mar 2013)
    • Jeb Bush Speaks At The Reagan Library About His New Book1994: build more prisons; serve longer sentences. (Jan 2015)
    • I’m a hang-’em-by-the-neck conservative. (Sep 2004)
    • Fewer death-row appeals; faster executions. (Jan 2000)
    • Supports death penalty. (Jul 1998)
    • Deploy military on both sides of the US-Mexican border. (Mar 2013)
    • Opposed treatment instead of jail for nonviolent drug users. (Sep 2002)
      • 1994: cut Department of Education from 2,000 to 50 staff. (Jan 2015)
      • Repeal class size limit state constitutional amendment. (Feb 2007)
      • On global warming: I’m a skeptic; I’m not a scientist. (Jul 2014)
      • Strengthen Cuban embargo; talking undermines US credibility. (Dec 2014)
      • Slashed every request for adult mental health. (Dec 2009)
      • OpEd: Delivered FL in 2004, by robbing blacks of their votes. (Jan 2007)
      • OpEd: Not distancing himself from brother’s Afghan policy. (Mar 2013)
      • Over time, people will respect our resolve in Iraq. (Mar 2013)
      • Encourage regime change in Iran; keep military option open. (Nov 2010)
    • Longer time and more fees to see public records. (Feb 2007)

    Strongly Opposes topic 1:
    Abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right
    (-5 points on Social scale)

    Opposes topic 3:
    Comfortable with same-sex marriage
    (-3 points on Social scale)

    Strongly Opposes topic 11:
    Higher taxes on the wealthy
    (+5 points on Economic scale)

    Favors topic 13:
    Support & expand free trade
    (+2 points on Economic scale)

    Strongly Favors topic 15:
    Expand the military
    (-5 points on Social scale)

    Opposes topic 17:
    Stay out of Iran
    (-3 points on Social scale)

    Opposes topic 18:
    Prioritize green energy
    (+2 points on Economic scale)

    Strongly Favors topic 19:
    Never legalize marijuana
    (-5 points on Social scale)


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