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War is an American religion


Religion is a fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a group of people. These beliefs concern the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, and involve devotional and ritual observances. They also often contain a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

In the United States, both major political parties endorse, condone and fund unprovoked wars of aggression against smaller and less powerful nations who have not attacked America or her people.

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The three branches of government in America see unending wars for the corporate bottom line as a more compelling issue than any other. In order to fund these wars of aggression, peace is sacrificed, health care is neglected, schools are allowed to fail and infrastructure is falling apart. 

The devotional and ritual observances of this “religion” involve “wars for profit” against nations who have not attacked us. During these unprovoked wars, we destabilize, exploit, bomb, attack with drones or  invade and occupy non-aggressive nations to enforce various demands of the corporate elite for exploitation, extraction and armed extortion.

The moral code at the base of this wanton aggression is greed.




America is waging war in more than 30 nations and NOBODY wants to talk about it.

Barack Obama took office when we were waging unprovoked wars in two nations.
Now, with the help of both Republicans and Democrats (including Sanders and Clinton)

… We are in expanding wars in at least 30 nations …

nuke-war-h001 (1)

These conflicts include sanctions, economic sabotage, bombings, drones, espionage, mercenaries and various forms of aggression to destabilize nations so that American corporate interests can extract resources, exploit people and collect extortion. This unprovoked and avoidable aggression creates new enemies and costs while making America and the rest of the planet demonstrably less secure.


These unnecessary misuses of United States military resources continue in Afghanistan, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cuba, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gaza, Gulf of Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Phillippines. Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Tunesia, Uganda, Ukraine, Venezuela,  West Bank, & Yemen.



Obama bombed at least TEN Sovereign NATIONS: Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen

None of these nations attacked America. There may be more. These are only those nations we can confirm were bombed.

Under Trump, all of these wars have expanded.


In most areas of economic policy, most progressives agree more than they disagree. But wars-74-1-us-military-bases-around-the-world-2too many people with good hearts refuse to face facts about the last 9 plus years.
This studious ignorance is frustrating and sometimes fatal.
We cannot continue fighting 30 simultaneous, expanding, unprovoked and unwinnable wars. This insanity has bankrupted the nation.


Obama surrendered to the corporate elite. Liberal apologies for Obama’s bloody eight years cannot change facts on the ground. We have created millions of new enemies, incurred trillions in new debt and are demonstrably less secure.

This failed imperial aggression is a big part of how Trump the racist chump got elected.

“Our generation is on the verge of the most profound catastrophe the human species has ever faced. Death threats to the living earth are coming from all sides. Water, sunlight, air and soil are all threatened.”

The demise of the United States as the global superpower could come far more quickly than anyone imagines. A realistic assessment of domestic and global trends suggests that in 2025, just 8 years from now, it could all be over except for the shouting.



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