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Born to lose… ~OO~

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The Don, (D.J. Trump) has been installed for 8 years. Donald will likely serve 8 years as the head of the largest organized crime syndicate on the planet. Donald John Trump will not be removed by a Republican congress and the Democrats and Republicans have merged as pro-war corporate shills.



There was an economic war in America. We lost. The CIA, the Pentagon and the Trump crime syndicate won. We are stuck with the chump unless he might be removed by the Pentagon.



The legitimacy of Trump’s presidency is a moot point. Trump and Clinton are two peas in the war pod.


When pro-war candidates like Trump or Clinton win… we end up spending trillions killing millions for the people who benefit: the richest 5% in the nation, bankers, insurance cartels, munitions firms, war-profiteers and the corporate elite.


Who loses?
…Everyday people all around the world.

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