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Illegal Drone Warfare is a War Crime..

th“Horrifyingly, the use of airstrikes to kill rescue workers in a “double tap” when they come for the bodies of drone victims has been repeatedly documented, as well.

Perpetual wars spilling across many borders is now a foregone conclusion. The public pays it little mind. Drones take this even further, targeting individuals determined to be combatants – without a declaration of war against their country and without formal charges, allegations or complaints against those individuals.

Due process is effectively dead. The White House, the Pentagon, and the pilots who operate their predator drones have become judge, jury and executioner while the public isn’t even told who is on their kill list, or why.” Obama, Hillary and Bernie endorse these illegal and unconstitutional crimes.

These drone strikes are not actions that defend the United States from armed aggression against its borders or sovereignty, and they have not been authorized by the Security Council. Thus, they are incontrovertibly illegal.

Pakistan-strongly-condemns-US-drone-attack-in-N-WaziristanAmerica’s Drones Are Still Killing Scores of Innocents

By Alan Grayson and Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films

31 October 14

Nabila Rehman, 9, was injured by a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan. Rehman was picking okra in her family garden last year when missiles from a drone rained down from the sky, killing her grandmother and injuring her and seven other children.

Drone-WarfareISIS has revived our dependence on drones. We must not let it.

Bibi was a 67-year-old Pakistani grandmother and midwife, killed by a U.S. drone strike on October 24, 2012. One year ago, the family of Mamana Bibi came to Washington,, D.C., to share their sad story with Members of Congress.

Mamana’s son, Rafiq ur Rehman, is a 39-year-old primary-school teacher. He and his two children, Zubair, 13, and Nabila, 9, were the first family members of a U.S. drone strike victim ever to speak to Members of Congress. Rafiq explained that he and his family were educators, not terrorists. He wanted to know why his family was targeted by the U.S. military. Zubair, a teenager, recalled how he “watched a U.S. drone kill my grandmother.” He described why he now fears blue skies: “Because drones do not fly when the skies are gray.” Nabila was picking okra with her grandmother for a religious holiday meal, when day became night. “I saw from the sky a drone and I hear a dum-dum noise. Everything was dark and I couldn’t see anything, but I heard a scream.”

(photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Illegal Drone Warfare: Fascism is alive and well in the USA

DronesMakeWarMoreChaoticandDirty032513Pakistan Court Decision Finds US Drone Strikes Are ‘War Crimes,’
Which Are ‘Absolutely Illegal’

“The illegal, immoral, and illogical use of drones is based upon the “Bush Agenda,” (the one Sarah Palin could not describe.)  This agenda (of American “Exceptionalism”) can be stated in these terms: Barack Obama, George Bush, Hillary  Clinton, Dick Cheney, Bernie Sanders and Don Rumsfeld agree in claiming the president of the United States has a “right” to target, attack, and murder anyone, anywhere, anytime for any reason or without providing any reason at all. The end result of adopting this blatant fascism as a platform has been the murders of innocents.
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