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Demented, delusional and dangerous…

Mad Magazine was way ahead of the times with Spy vs Spy…

It is not a question of IF the Russians try to interfere with American Elections…. Both Russia and America have been trying to interfere with one another for years… Why pretend otherwise! 
MAD – Spy vs Spy – Bomb

But we face a much bigger issue: 

The new “Don” (D.J. Trump) is demented, delusional and dangerous.

Image result for don is dementia delusions and dangerous

Donald Trump is suffering from psychopathy and has a mental state that poses an “enormous present danger”, a clinical psychiatrist has said.

The US President has psychosis and is “a very sick man”, said Dr Lance Dodes, a former assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Harvard Medical School who now works for the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute.”

Allowing this crippled cretin to remain in the Oval office has become a matter of international security.  This fractured, war-criminal and thug… intends to bankrupt this nation, with nobody to pick up the tab. This can only trigger global depression.
Mannish Boy

We need to remove DJ… of, by and for the people…



“Donald Trump manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States. And we respectfully request he be removed from office, according to article 4 of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which states that the president will be replaced if he is ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”


“It’s high time we called Trump by his real name — traitor, perhaps our country’s worst traitor ever. I speak not of his attack on our allies, his appeasement of our adversaries, his assault on the press, his coddling of racists, his repulsive misogyny, his rampant corruption, his terrible cronyism, his brazen nepotism, his abuse of children, his obstruction of justice, his contempt for our justice system, his war on the environment or his cowardly abasement in Moscow. I speak of his systematic destruction of our economy.”

~Laurence Kotlikoff

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
― Malcolm X


Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.

― Arundhati Roy




“The Blues are the true facts of life expressed in words and song, inspiration, feeling, and understanding.”

~Willie Dixon
“A recent cover story of Time magazine called it a grass-roots revolution of the spirit. The article, `The New Age of Angels,’states: 69 per cent of Americans believe they [angels] exist. …”

“The reflection of the world is blues, that’s where that part of the music is at. Then you got this other kind of music that’s tryin’ to come around.”

~Jimi Hendrix

“Accounts of angelic contact contain common elements that angels are incorporeal, sexless, highly intelligent, able to move at the speed of thought, full of warmth and joy, are cooperative not competitive, and often say the same thing: Don’t be afraid.

(Source: Wall Street Journal, USA)

“An angel has no memory.”

~Terry Southern

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