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The Green Party New Deal: Peace, People and Planet

We can secure peace and invest in people and a healing planet.
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How Many More Years Cuántos años más.

…Where all ships can rise.

“Our generation is on the verge of the most profound catastrophe the human species has ever faced. “Death threats to the living earth are coming from all sides. Water, sunlight, air and soil are all threatened.

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When Eskimos of the far North begin to experience leukemia from atomic radiation and Eskimo mothers’ milk contains crisis levels of PCBs, we must recognize that every organism on the planet is threatened..”

“Available economic, educational, and military data indicate that, when it comes to U.S. global power, negative trends will aggregate rapidly by 2020 and are likely to reach a critical mass no later than 2030.” The only way to ameliorate this progression is by shutting down dozens of American wars about extraction.
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Thanks to dozens of unprovoked and simultaneous wars, the American Century, proclaimed so triumphantly at the start of World War II, will be tattered and fading by 2025, its eighth decade, and may be history by 2030.




America is bankrupt. The funny money we have been printing, with nothing to back it up, will become relatively worthless before 2030. This will trigger global depression. The United States will be retreating from 800+ military bases in 150 nations while dying oceans rise to flood many shores.




The demise of the United States as the global superpower could happen sooner than anyone imagines. A realistic assessment of domestic and global trends suggests that, with dozens of expanding wars, before 2030 it could all be over but the shouting.



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The Green Party represents most Americans’ views on securing the peace, universal nonprofit health care, rebuilding infrastructure, reforming banks, creating a healthy environment, campaign finance reform, restrictions of corporate power, elimination of genetically modified foods, erasure of student debt, restoring functioning schools, providing four years of college and investments in a healing planet.


See The Biggest Media Sin, by Sam Smith of the Progressive Review, and read the Green Party Platform.

We are part of a global movement for
peace, freedom and justice…

Peace activism became more prolific in the United States and around the globe between 1945 and today. Everyday people oppose arbitrary American aggression abroad while infrastructure is falling apart at home.

A surrender to corporate elites has bankrupted the nation, lowered wages and shipped critical jobs overseas.  We can do better.



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Together we make a difference.

Thanks for all you do.

Join the Revolution!

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